I escaped the 9-5 just over 4 years ago.

Being a female entrepreneur is something that runs through my veins.

I love working for myself. And after 4 years of being self employed I want to help other women launch that side hustle, escape the 9-5 and build a life that’s full of purpose and fun!

Some might call it coaching. Some might call it mentoring. I call it a blended approach. Professional cheerleading. An accountability partner. A listener and confidant. Someone who gets you. Someone who has been there, done it and is totally without judgement.

I understand the lows of running a business - the late nights, the middle of the night panic, the loneliness, the cashflow, the uncertainty.

I celebrate the massive highs of running a business - the client wins, the sales, the PR, the book deals, the financial freedom.

I am passionate about helping other women realise their potential. Dig deep and find that calling. Bring the vision to life. And through my blended approach to coaching I’ll be with you every step of the day, sharing my experience and cheerleading you relentlessly.

What makes me different?

Life isn’t all about work. Life is about finding joy. Staying healthy in body, mind and spirit. As a coach I believe that your self care practice is fundamental to your success and so in all my coaching I make sure you’re taking care of you too. You’re right-hand woman!

Wellness Workshops

In case you hadn’t guessed it yet, I am passionate about self development. I’m a total bookworm and I’ve been to seminars, workshops and retreats to better my health, wellbeing and mindset.

The brain is a muscle. I train my brain every single day. Through this training I’ve learnt so much about the mind, the body and the soul. I’ve learnt about communication, miracle mornings, manifesting, mindset, judgement, self love, self care, work / life balance and playing big.

I love to share what I’ve learnt in my Wellbeing Workshops. For groups of 5 to 50, Wellbeing Workshops are great for individuals and businesses.